Embedded electronics

Anakin Solutions takes into account restraints linked to embedded electronic systems:

  • Climatic, mechanical and electric environment
  • Volume and weight
  • Consumption
  • Continued existence
  • Norm requirements (CE, emarking, DO178B, DO254)

Anakin Solutions develops and manufactures embedded electronic systems satisfying needs such as:

  • Tele-measuring, data acquisition and processing,
  • Wireless telecommunications,
  •  Systems with low consumption’ (energy self-sufficient),
  • Remote diagnosis and maintenance,
  • GPS localization,
  • Management of car fleets,
  • Plane cabin equipments …


  • Keyboard controls for plane seats by multiplexed bus (CAN, Ethernet)
  • Multimedia equipment to entertain passengers during flight
  • Tactile HCI for plane seats

Public transport

Vehicle scheduling control systems, driving help systems and passenger information systems for public buses (system of data acquisition such as length of journey, timetable, ticket machine, fuel consumption, early arrivals/delays, red light controls, real-time information).

Road transport

  • Development of several generations of embedded calculators enabling the real time or differed management of car fleets (system of vehicle and driver data acquisition, control of legislation, transmission through GSM/GPRS, GPS localization, FMS interface, CAN 1939, compatibility with all tachograph sold on the market, HCI graphic…)
  • Wireless system of identification for truck trailers.

Special vehicles

  • Systems designed to measure out additives in firefighter vehicles (pump and outflow controls, color graphic terminal visible even with bright sunshine).
  • Black box for the maintenance remote of airport refueling trucks (data acquisition and transmission to a computing server through PTSN or GSM communication).


  • Control consoles to servo-control a seed drill to the real speed of the tractor measured by GPS.
  • Embedded calculator on a weighing station, to measure out liquids and coat seeds.