Video electronics

Anakin Solutions has a huge expertise in the field of video electronics with data acquisition and processing circuit boards, autonomous or PC compatible. These developments are carried out to meet clients' specific needs in order to optimize the performance of the products depending on the technological evolution of components, cameras, computers.... 

The solutions that we have implemented:

  • Use of both microprocessor technologies (DSP, RISC, CISC) and FPGA to analyze images
  • Interface of camera sensors (CCD, CMOS) of all resolutions (area and line scan).
  • Interface of analogue and digital cameras (CameraLink, RS170, NTSC, CCIR).
  • Transmission of high speed images and on long distances (through optical fibers)
  • Use of several types of PC buses (PCI, PCIe, PC104)

Anakin Solutions has developed electronic systems such as:

  • An electronic system able to manage 4 cameras 2000 x 2000 and compute each pixel to correct the different flaws linked to the sensors, optical deformations and mechanical positioning (real time assembling of the four images to make one without defect).
  • Interface for an X ray line scan camera target (resolution 17, 000 pixels) and real-time transmission of images to a central calculator.
  • Electronic system with 4 cameras, 120 images per second for the following of a sportsman's joints. This tool permits to reconstitute 3D images of the precise movements made by the person and to compare them with the same gestures made by a professional sportsman.
  • High speed acquisition system through bus PCI 64/66 (nicknamed ‘’ESPIA’’) to record in a PC a flow of images (at 2.5 GBauds) coming from very high speed camera and to permit its differed interpretation.
  • CameraLink / optical fiber Adaptator permitting a rate of 2.5 GBauds as far as 300meters while perfectly respecting data and a complete galvanic isolation.
  • Development of several generations of image acquisition and processing boards, of fast 3D video circuit boards, of a tester of video signals…