Anakin Solutions develops implementations of ready to use vision control that are more and more important in an industrial environment where no flaw is tolerated by the client. These implementations cover a wide range of activity sectors (cosmetics, food-processing, plastic manufacturing, metal manufacturing, auto industry, scientific laboratories, military ...) and concern all types of controls:

  • Dimensional
  • Aspect
  • Presence
  • Position
  • Pattern Matching
  • Tracking
  • Sorting and counting...

Anakin Solutions tackles the mechanical aspect of the implementations by working in collaboration and close partnership with mechanics to reach a common target: Client's satisfaction. Our control of different techniques of optoelectronics and our field experience enable us to become a developer and builder that stand out thanks to its power of suggestion. Our engineers develop solutions that are in conformity with clients' needs (rate, precision, price...) after evaluating the feasibility of the project in our laboratory on clients' samples. We also develop, for your application, customized software which integrates all the conviviality expected from a user from a vision control post. Anakin Solutions installs and sets the machine in the production site and trains the users. Lastly, we guarantee after sale services for all our fittings.

Anakin Solutions has developed vision systems such as:

  • Conformity control to put together palette pumps. The system carries out several controls on the piece (about two dozens) such as measures of round or oblong holes, of notches, pins, joints, of rotors, of palettes (10)…
  • Conformity control of safety pieces at a rate of 1650 pieces per hour. The vision system controls about 60 points including: measures of dimensions, holes, controls of the aspect of a piece, the presence and position of beveled edges with a 10 µm tolerance.
  • Conformity control (on micrometric scale and at a high rate) of teeth on plastic pieces used to block safety belts.
  • Welding control on circuit boards
  • Dimensional Control of holes with diameters from 30 to 100 µm with a precision lower than 0.1 µm.
  • Recognition of forms on gears
  • Conformity control of the assembly for computer sub-frames
  • Recognition of forms for flexible workshop
  • Control to check the presence of glue before assembling
  • Conformity control of labeling
  • Position control of marking on plastic bottles (2200 pieces per hour)
  • Dimensional control on rubber profiles
  • Control of position and piloting on a robot-piloted production line