Design of electronic systems

Anakin Solutions uses its entire experience at the service of its partners by helping them express their needs to create or complete their remit.

During the design stage, Anakin carries the responsibility for:

  • The pre-research and the modeling of the electronic system (if the complexity of the project requires it)
  • The technical specification of the electronic system
  • The HARDWARE design (CAD of electronic systems, placement / routing of printed circuit boards, mechanical integration)
  • The SOFTWARE design: Partial (development of lower-level drivers) or complete (realization of lower-level drivers and implemented soft).
  • The production, adjustment and supply of demonstration or industrial prototypes

Anakin designs your electronic systems taking into account your criteria of performance, price, quantity, norms (electric, climatic, mechanical and environmental …), and your requirements of mechanical integration (design, size, fixing, cabling and wiring, electrical connections…)… and optimizes the choice of production technologies and methods:

  • Microprocessors / microcontroller units DSP, RISC, CISC of 8, 16, 32 bits
  • Programmable logic (FPGA, CPLD)
  • Acquisitions and processing of digital and analogical data
  • Human-Computer interaction (HCI: black and white or colored touch-sensitive keyboard and screen)
  • Controls of engines AC, DC brushed, stepper, DC brushless…
  • Process, temperature, position, speed, output regulation…
  • GPS positioning
  • Wireless communication: GSM, GPRS, Edge, radio, ZIGBEE, WIFI, Bluetooth, RFID, ...
  • Wired connections: RS422/232/485, USB, Ethernet, optical fibres, Bus PCIe, CAN, LIN…
  • Design of cameras using CCD or CMOS sensor
  • Video image processing
  • Speech, audio, digital and analogical recognition.
  • Programming in assembly language, C, C++, VHDL, Java, HTML, SQL, Access… on Linux or Windows operating system.